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Me? Lose Control? You Gotta be…Uh Oh! by Michael Lenz

This is the second in a series of articles designed to provide general aviation pilots with a safe and practical approach to weather. The article is based upon an analysis of recent weather-related accidents and is promoted by the FAA Flight Standards Service’s Safety Program, in coordination with the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee, which is comprised of government, industry, and aviation user organizations. This effort is focused on reducing general aviation fatal accidents.....


Aircraft Posters

Cockpit posters used by the American Eurocopter Training Center.




AS 350 B3  AS 350 B2  EC 130 B4

Pilot Notes

Types of Pilot Schools & Choosing a Pilot School

Most airports have pilot training available, either by flying schools or individual flight instructors. A school will usually provide a wide variety of training aids, special facilities, and greater flexibility in scheduling. A number of colleges and universities also provide pilot training as a part of their curricula.....


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