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An Airworthiness Certificate is

issued by a representative of the

FAA after the aircraft has been

inspected, is found to meet the

requirements of the CFR's, and

is in condition for safe operation.

The certificate must be displayed

in the aircraft so that it is legible

to passengers or crew whenever

the aircraft is operated. The

Airworthiness Certificate is

transferred with the aircraft, except

when it is sold to a foreign purchaser.












FAA Form 8100-2, Standard Airworthiness Certificate, is issued for aircraft type certificated in the normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter, and transport categories, or for manned free balloons. An explanation of each term in the certificate follows: [Figure 6]


Item 1.

Nationality—The "N" indicates the aircraft is of U.S. registry.

Registration Marks—the number, in this case 2631A, is the registration number assigned to the aircraft.


Item 2.

Indicates the manufacturer, make, and model of the aircraft.


Item 3.

Indicates the manufacturer's serial number assigned to the

aircraft, as noted on the aircraft data plate.


Item 4.

Indicates that the aircraft, in this case, shall be operated in accordance with the limitations specified for the NORMAL category.


Item 5.

Indicates the aircraft has been found to conform to its type certificate and is considered in condition for safe operation at the time of inspection and issuance of the certificate. Any exemptions from the applicable airworthiness standards are briefly noted here and the exemption number given. The word NONE is entered if no exemption exists.


Item 6.

Indicates the Airworthiness Certificate is in effect indefinitely if the aircraft is maintained in accordance with 14 CFR parts 21, 43, and 91, and the aircraft is registered in the United States. Also included are the date the certificate was issued, the signature of the FAA representative, and his or her office identification.





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